Pop-Up venues

The Battery Factory has long been interested in Pop-Up venues for performance and exhibition.  For the past couple of years, we’ve been working with Scott Georgeson, FAIA, NCARBG, LEED AP, of Orchestra Design Studio on these projects.  Here’s a little info on planning underway with Fondy Market for the utilization of space next to their vibrant Farmer’s Market space:

Fondy Market Site from Orchestra Design

Fondy Market Site from Orchestra Design

Under developed Site

The underdeveloped site is northwest of the existing market pavilions.  In the mid 2000’s work started on construction of a year round market building.  The economic downturn forced work to stop after completion of the perimeter foundation and the interior column footings were poured.  The area was partially backfilled with gravel, leaving the tops of the foundations exposed and unsafe.  A protective fence now surrounds the site.

The Goal

This under developed site should be an asset to the both the market and the community.  It’s best use is still for the expansion of Fondy Market programs, functions and community activities.  Possible uses include: Expanded vender stalls, Expanded service provider stalls, Community outreach programming, Picnic areas, Natural rain gardens, Pop up performance venue.

Opportunities & Impressions

  • The large site can accommodate several functions at once.
  • The with direct site access the adjacent market pavilions can also service this site.
  • The existing foundations can be reused to support new structures.
  • The site can improve connections to the North and west businesses and residents.
  • Minimum work is needed to make the site safe to use as an open area.  Regarding the gravel and covering the exposed rebars would achieve this.

Next Steps

  • Develop an overall conceptual plan for the site and market.
  • Develop a program for use, Conceptual plans, budget of construction and schedule and phasing of work.
  • Determine community support and partners for the project
  • Define short term temporary improvements and long term improvements
  • Determine make up of site fill and survey foundations for settlement.
  • Develop Architectural plan for the new work,