Tessellate ’17

Tessellation 001


A festival celebrating Movement, Theatre and Making

Wednesday, June 21 – Sunday, June 25, 2017

UW-Milwaukee’s Kenilworth Square East studios and theatre.

The Battery Factory is pleased to announce Tessellate 2017 and our three commissions for this years festival. Please review the attached application, share with friends and submit.  Building off the success of our 20for20 weekend this past July we are looking to engage with the larger artistic community.

Download this document in PDF format.

Download application form in PDF format.


The Battery Factory will commission (3) NEW pieces of theatre from local artists.
Fees paid to the makers range from $700 to $1,200. These pieces will premiere
during the festival alongside other events to include:

● New theatre pieces by nationally renown theatre makers.

20for20 that unites emerging artists with established and senior artists to
create a new work in 20 hours.

20under20 a new work developed by students under 20 years of age.

Tessellate – binding multiple elements to create a whole

This festival will present and support development of new work which celebrates
the infinite and enduring agility and energy of theatre. Tessellate also supports
theatre that embraces limited resources in exchange for the potential to be
responsive to the current moment. Tessellate looks to theatre to inspire meaningful
conversation about the boundaries that separate us, and the forces that bind us


UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts Theatre

The Field Milwaukee

More Tessellate details

Presentations of new work

In My Heart*

Written by Honor Molloy, directed by Rebecca Holderness.

A love story of exile and revolution from Ireland. Performance of an actor and four
dancers featuring Angela Iannone.

My Heart is in the East*

A play and Workshop with Noted Artist Jessica Litwak.  Founder and Director of H.E.A.T theatre collective and artist with Theatre without Borders.

*Presentation of these 2 pieces is subject to change.

Other events:


Building off the success of 20for20 Milwaukee ‘16 TBF will unite emerging artists with
established and senior artists to create a new work.


Look for news about 20under20 curated and directed by Helene Fishman.

The Exile Tapes a community performance project.